Complete Exterior Building Care
Power washing, water proofing, window cleaning, elastomeric coatings, masonry sealants, repointing, and spider control.

Masters in Highrise Rigging Procedure
With the equipment and rigging expertise to reach the difficult jobs.

Expert Diagonostic Services
To pinpointyour building's needs from roof to ground level.

Fully Insured - A Quality Guarantee
Fully Insured - A Quality Guarantee


Safely serving building and property managers for over 40 yrs.

Certified high lift operators as specified by 0SHA/ANSI/STANDARDS
Mandatory Weekly/Monthly employee and committee safety meeting.

nbms has a formal safety committee , following the
PENN SAFE guidelines as set by the state of Pa .

Ask about our three YEAR NO PRICE INCREASE in window cleaning services

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Northeastern Building Maintenance System

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